Voice and Piano Lessons

Jennifer WeissWelcome

Welcome!  My name is Jennifer Weiss and I am a professional musician and music teacher.  I teach private voice, piano, and music theory lessons to children and adults.  I have also conducted choirs and taught classes in singing and music theory, both in public school and private settings.  My teaching studio is located in Echo Park, Los Angeles, conveniently situated near downtown, Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz.

I earned a Master of Music degree in Voice Performance from Westminster Choir College, NJ, and I have extensive performing experience.   However, I am equally passionate about teaching, and I completed a dual master’s in Voice Pedagogy (voice teaching).  I am a certified teacher, and I regularly participate in music research and conferences.  I am so lucky to have a job that I love!

Voice and Piano Teaching

Voice Teaching  As a voice teacher, I start with the foundations of good singing – body alignment, breathing, and tone development – and combine them with musical and artistic interpretation skills.  I teach a healthy, relaxed vocal technique that is rooted in current research.  I work with students on many kinds of music:  musical theater, contemporary music, and classical repertoire.  My voice students range from beginning to advanced, and they have a variety of goals:  joining choirs, singing in musical theater, performing their own music, preparing for college conservatory auditions, or just enjoying the beauty of singing.

Piano Teaching  I began studying piano at six years old, and it has been one of the best parts of my life ever since. As a piano teacher, I emphasize a relaxed physical posture, technical development, and musical interpretation. We explore both popular and classical piano literature, and for beginners I often use the Faber and Alfred books.  I enjoy incorporating sightreading and music theory into our lessons in a relaxed and fun way.  Most of my students are beginning or intermediate, and I especially love working with young beginners.  I consider it an honor to introduce piano to other people!

As a student, or the parent of a student, you can expect the following from me:

  1. Lighthearted, joyful lessons with lots of exploration and creativity.  For young beginners, don’t be surprised to find us dancing or drawing during lessons!  These activities are grounded in a thoughtful and systematic approach to help students develop musically.
  2. An emphasis on both music literacy and artistry, from the very beginning.  My students, both children and adults, become confident music readers – not performing by rote or struggling note-by-note.  They also develop creative, emotional ideas about their music, whether they are working on a beginning piano piece or a complex operatic aria.
  3. Frequent communication and updates about progress.  With each student and/or family, I regularly discuss the student’s goals and musical interests, to make sure that our lessons are aligned to their aims.  In each lesson, I provide easy, concrete ways to practice at home.  For voice lessons, I record all lessons and email them to you directly after the session, to assist with practice.
  4. An annual “musical soirée” to help students perform their music for friends and family.  These are optional, informal events, usually held in my home or a student’s home, with refreshments.  These performances provide important motivation for practice, and also help students develop healthy self-confidence and pride in their accomplishments.
  5. Nursing Home Performances.  I organize an event during the December holiday season and during the summer for students to perform at a nursing home in Los Angeles.  Participation is optional, but these events provide a wonderful opportunity to share music with others and to serve the community.

As my students can attest, I am extremely sensitive and flexible in adjusting my approach to meet individual needs.  My goal is to help each student become a confident, blossoming musician, whatever that means for the individual.

Studio Policies and Pricing

30-minute lessons (recommended for students under age 10) $55
45-minute lessons $65
60-minute lessons $75

You can pay by cash or check at the time of a lesson.  If you must cancel a lesson, I ask that you please do so with 24 hours of notice.  If you must cancel with less notice, I will have to charge you 50% of the lesson cost.  Likewise, if for some reason I must cancel a lesson on short notice, I will offer the next lesson at a 50% rate.  This helps keep us both accountable.


If you or your child is interested in studying voice or piano with me, please contact me to set up a meeting.